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Float Tubertini Drift

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Float Tubertini Drift - Tubertini Drift 18470xx 18471xx - Floats - Float with balsa antenna and fiberglass drift. Very versatile elongated shape..  1gr, 1,5gr. 2gr. 2,5gr., 3gr., 4gr., 5gr Manufacturers link   https://www.tubertini.it/en/catalogo/prodotto

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Ex Tax: 4.39 €

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Brands Tubertini

Product Code: Tubertini Drift 18470xx 18471xx

Tags:  Float Tubertini DriftTubertini Drift 18470xx 18471xxFloats

Circle float with plastic antenna and offset antenna. Suitable to fish, slighty letting the float go.   

2gr.  3gr., 4gr., 5gr., 6gr, 7gr., 8gr., 9gr., 10gr., 12gr., 15gr. , 20gr.,

Gamintojų nuoroda https://www.tubertini.it/en/catalogo/prodotto/drift-id3623/  

Svoris 2gr. 3gr., 4gr., 5gr., 6gr., 7gr., 8gr., 9gr., 10gr., 12gr., 15gr. , 20gr,


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