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Piršto apsauga antpirštis tolimiems metimams Piršto apsauga antpirštis tolimiems metimams Sold out
Piršto apsauga antpirštis tolimiems metimams
1.99 € Ex Tax: 1.99 €

Antpirštis tolimiems metimams arba SPOD, kad valas neįpjautų piršto. Medžiaga: neslystantis poliest..

Sold out
Sea soft lure Aquantic Kveitejig 400gr SO (for big Cod, Halibut)
19.89 € Ex Tax: 19.89 €

the halibut bait with a length of 21cm and a weight of 400g, ideal for fishing for cod, halibutA tar..

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Fishing line Tiagra super fluorocarbon 150m
3.12 € Ex Tax: 3.12 €

The latest generation line, made in the super copolymer formula technology, allowing for extraordina..

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Carp fishing needle combo set Carp fishing needle combo set Sold out
Carp fishing needle combo set
0.98 € Ex Tax: 0.98 €

Needle for boilies set-uo on hair rigCombo contains 3 pcsAluminium handleDrill L: 9.3cmLatch needle ..

Sold out
Behr Jighead for Behr soft lure JigKopf Deep Sea Balanser
7.12 € Ex Tax: 7.12 €

Big weight and easy mounting for softluresHas an additional fixing point an additional extra hook..

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Norway Halibut Poly Egg Float 300g Sold out
Norway Halibut Poly Egg Float 300g
15.89 € Ex Tax: 15.89 €

These Halibut Floats are used by the guides in Norway for almost all of their float fishing for Ha..

Sold out
Tubertini R Match Bream
5.00 € Ex Tax: 5.00 €

Float for match fishing in canal, with very particular characteristics. The body is made of high-den..

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Tubertini Pro Mare 2
1.50 € Ex Tax: 1.50 €

Plūdė Tubertini Pro Mare 2 skirtos žvejoti labai neramemia vandenyje srovėje arba kur banguota. Pade..

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Dėžė-Tašė Tubertini Enduro bag
45.00 € Ex Tax: 45.00 €

Daugiafunkcinės stačiakampės dėžės-tašės, pagamintos iš termiškai PVC „anglies efekto“, idealiai tin..

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Tubertini SF 2
2.00 € Ex Tax: 2.00 €

Plūdė Tubertini SF 2.Plūdė mažoms žuvims žvejoti. Plunksnos formos plūdė su plastikine antena ir pli..

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Tubertini T Carp 4
1.30 € Ex Tax: 1.30 €

T Carp 4 kompaktiška plūdė su balzos antena ir stiklo pluošto stiebu Idealiai tinkanti paviršinei ž..

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Fishing line leash Tubertini Erre 50m
11.70 € Ex Tax: 11.70 €

Valas pavadėliams Tubertini Erre Nauja aukštųjų technologijų japonų linija. Gamyboje naudojamas nau..

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Braided fishing line PE4 HUKO Trophycora , 150m
5.19 € Ex Tax: 5.19 €

???? Elevate Your Fishing Experience with PE Braided Fishing Line ????Looking to take your angling g..

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Float Tubertini M 100
2.29 € Ex Tax: 2.29 €

Floating for starlight with an elongated collection shape, ideal for bolognese fishing in river fish..

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Electronic bite indicator 3+1+ motion detector HUKO FR698 + gift
119.00 € Ex Tax: 119.00 €

Choosing the Perfect Electronic Bite Alarm: The Carp Angler's DilemmaFor the dedicated carp angler, ..

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