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Bottom comb weed cleaner Huko Expert

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Bottom comb weed cleaner Huko Expert

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Combs are used to clean the bottom of the fishing spot in the lake. 

Total wight with rope - 660 g

Front  "wing" lenght 2 x 31cm

|Total width 55 cm

Strong snap ensures, that botton comb won'f fly to the water far away

Easy to detach the rope.

Attached 4mm synthetic rope, do not absorbe water and fast drying

Length of the rope is 10 meters. Attach the end of the rope to your wrist.

Rope is wrapped up on the comb is straight, easy to use any time.

made of 5 mm stainless steel

Strong, do not distort and keep the shape and look for many years

The special "teeth" design of the comb grips the water weeds very well

When pulling the comb , the curved teeth easily hook water plants and allows you to prepare a fishing spot faster


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