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Sea soft lure Aquantic Kveitejig 400gr RH (for big Cod, Halibut)

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Sea soft lure Aquantic Kveitejig 400gr RH (for big Cod, Halibut)

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Brands Aquantic

Product Code: Kveitejig_RH

Tags:  SeaNorwaySea fishing

the halibut bait with a length of 21cm and a weight of 400g, ideal for fishing for cod, halibut

A targeted halibut bait etc. brings, among other things large cod on the hook.

To lure action: Let down the Kveitejig in 10 to 150 m  deep water to the ground and lifted 3-5 times 1 m (Pilk-Motion) then it is rotated without stopping at medium speed crank up to the surface and drained again. The bites come only sometimes 10 m below the water surface even if it eg Is 100 m deep. The predators pursue namely their prey over a longer period of time. If you have not bite Contact the stuck then you must continue to stimulate and NOT stop otherwise it unsettles the robber and he turns off. As you get further obtains consistently for a malocclusion you soon after came a renewed bite, which you can then convert. The Kveitejig can also eject it does not have the capacity to tangle or twist it!

But he also catch during normal sea fishing or other bait motion. The bait described depends on the hunting behavior of halibut, is therefore recommended when targeted halibut fishing.

Masalo ilgis 36 cm
Masalo svoris 400 g


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