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Carp reel Delphin EXYL 80 X Body

  • 77.89 €

Carp reel Delphin EXYL 80 X Body

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Ex Tax: 77.89 €

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Brands Delphin

Product Code: EXYL-80X

Tags:  KarpiamsDugninė

The EXYL reel is exceptional and offers a superior experience. Once you understand its capabilities, you'll realize that you have a strong and durable reel that will support you during your most challenging carp fishing expeditions. The reel's composite body contains an internal screw mechanism that guarantees accurate and trouble-free usage over a long period of time. The proven mechanism ensures the EXYL is a reliable and robust reel, and its seven bearings enable smooth operation. The rotor is equipped with brushes that prevent the line from slipping under the spool, while the spool itself is mounted on a thick axle. The Quick Drag adjustment knob allows you to stop the drag from going out immediately with just a half turn, and there is also a Slow Drag adjustment knob included in the package. The reel's rear has a large anti-reverse lever that is easy to handle, and the metal handle can be used by both left and right-handed anglers. The wooden handle knob in dark tones adds a touch of exclusivity to the reel. The EXYL reel's matte black and matte metallic titanium colors provide a subtle yet stylish appearance, making it an excellent companion for any fishing enthusiast. Additionally, the reel offers the option to combine spools. The 70 body size EXYL reel is compatible with all spools marked "Y," while the larger 80 body size is compatible with all spools marked "X," making the spool selection process effortless and straightforward.

Technical parameters:

Model: Delphin EXYL 80 X body
Line capacity mm/m: 0.28/760, 0.30/660, 0.32/580
Gear ratio: 4.3:1
Bearings: 6+1
Weight: 699g

Ritės Guolių Skaičius 6+1
Ritės perdavimo greitis 4.3:1
Ritės rankenėlės pusė Keičiama
Ritės svoris 699 g
Ritės talpa 0.28/760m, 0.30/660m, 0.32/580m


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