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Electronic bite indicator 3+1+ motion detector HUKO FR698 + gift

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Electronic bite indicator 3+1+ motion detector HUKO FR698 + gift

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Brands HUKO

Product Code: FR698_3+PIR

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Choosing the Perfect Electronic Bite Alarm: The Carp Angler's Dilemma

For the dedicated carp angler, the pursuit of that elusive, record-breaking catch is both a passion and an art form. Every aspect of your setup matters, and that includes the critical decision of choosing the right electronic bite alarm. Here's how carp anglers make this pivotal choice:

1. Precision Matters: Carp anglers understand that precision is key. Electronic bite alarms are finely-tuned instruments that detect the subtlest of movements on the line. When it comes to those cautious carp nibbles, you want a tool that won't miss a beat.

2. Sensitivity and Adjustable Sensibility: Carp are known for their gentle, finicky bites. The best electronic bite alarms allow you to fine-tune sensitivity levels. You can adjust it to detect even the slightest nudge, ensuring you're alerted at the right moment.

3. Durability and Weather Resistance: Carp fishing often means being exposed to the elements. Carp anglers look for bite alarms that can withstand rain, wind, and whatever Mother Nature throws their way. After all, no one wants their gear to fail when the big one is on the line.

4. Wireless or Wired: Choosing between wireless and wired bite alarms depends on the angler's preference. Wireless alarms offer freedom of movement, while wired models are often favored for their reliability.

5. Alarm Sounds and Visual Cues: Many electronic bite alarms offer a variety of customizable sounds, as well as visual cues like LED lights. Anglers want to be alerted in a way that suits their style and preferences.

6. Battery Life: Carp anglers spend long hours on the water, so having a reliable and long-lasting battery is crucial. No one wants their alarm to die in the middle of a productive session.

7. Brand Reputation: Carp anglers often stick with trusted brands and models that have proven their reliability. A strong reputation in the angling community goes a long way.

8. Price vs. Features: Finally, carp anglers consider the balance between price and features. While a top-of-the-line bite alarm might have all the bells and whistles, it's essential to find the right balance between budget and performance.

In the world of carp fishing, choosing the perfect electronic bite alarm isn't just a technical decision; it's a strategic one. It can make the difference between landing the carp of a lifetime or going home empty-handed. So, when the time comes to pick your electronic bite alarm, remember that every beep, every flash, and every feature are all part of your angling strategy. Choose wisely, and you'll be one step closer to that legendary catch.

HUKO Bite alarms

- Motion detector has an audible siren and send signal to the receiver Released line is indicated by different tone
- Addition rod holders
- Adjustable: tone, volume, sensativity
- Socket for glowing swings
- Weatherproof
- 200m distance reiver with vibro mode
- Perimeter motion sensor included
- Kit 3+1+1 with carying case

Technical info:

Bite Alarm

 * 8 tones settings
 * 8 volume settings
 * 5 sensitivity settings
 * 15 sec latching LED
 * 8 magnets wheel roller
 * Running LED (all are white)
 * Push button LED dimmer
 * Black satin smooth finish
 * Colorful light roller
 * 150-200 meters
 * Operates with the 1.5V * 3 batteries
 * 5mm jack socket
 * Memory function in bite alarm
 * Toggle switch
 * Removable storm ears
 * Low battery function

 * 8 tones settings
 * 8 volume settings
 * 5 colors clear LED choices
 * Vibration mode/Silent mode
 * 5 LED dimmer
 * 150-200 meters
 * Memory function in receiver
 * Learn and erase code
 * Low battery function
 * Toggle switch
 * Operate with 1.5V * 3 batteries

Infrared Motion Sensor

* 8 music settings
* 4 volume settings
* Shutdown current : 20-40 uA
* Standby current : 50 uA
* Sense angle : 120°
* Working current: minimum sound 4-7 mA ;   maximum sound 15-70 mA
* Infrared horizontal sensing distance : 6 m
* Infrared vertical sensing distance : 2m
* Contacting power : 15 dbm

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