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Ultra-Effective Sea System for Halibuts – 300gr Non-Twisting Atora 71 North Edition

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Discover the ultimate halibut fishing experience with our 300gr non-tangling halibut rig. Specially designed for serious anglers, the 71 North Edition Spezi Leng Lumb provides exceptional performance. Shop now for precision halibut fishing!

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Brands Atora

Product Code: Atora-rig-halibut

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Craft your unparalleled fishing adventure with the "Ultra-Effective Sea System for Halibuts – 300gr Non-Twisting Atora 71 North Edition Spezi Leng Lumb, Art. No. 2-58000-005" – your secret weapon for luring the biggest halibuts. This isn't just a tool; it's a voyage into the marine depths, where every cast could mean landing a record-sized halibut.

Our innovative non-twisting atora offers flawless smoothness and precise control over your fishing technique, allowing you to cast more accurately and farther. With the "71 North Edition Spezi Leng Lumb" system, designed with the recommendations and experience of seasoned anglers, every moment in the water becomes more effective.

Dreaming of a giant halibut on your fishing hook? The "Ultra-Effective Sea System for Halibuts" is crafted for just that purpose. Its unique design and 300gr weight make it perfectly balanced for big catches, ensuring that each of your trips is productive.

Experience the difference that high-quality fishing gear makes. With the "Ultra-Effective Sea System for Halibuts – Non-Twisting Atora 71 North Edition Spezi Leng Lumb," your dreams of large halibuts become a reality.

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Sinker weight 300gr / 500 gr.

Toatl rig length - 150 cm

Line diam : 1,2mm

Rear treble hook size: #4/0

Ilgis 150 cm


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